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Well, I did not stop there… altough for some people I fell of the grid for almost 5 years, some friends remained and kept spamming me with their fantastic finds and cool helmets.  Recently, a fellow collector of mine came with the Idea to re-animate the Camo Connection and so we did.

Now, 2015 we are back in business.

You said we ? Yes… We, Harry and I ( Niels ) teamed up to share our collection and sell some of our cool stuff just like before. We both share the same interest, collect camo helmets and together we have almost 50 years of experience.

Rules of engament:

  • All helmets are fully original unless other wise stated.
  • All helmets are inspected by us and discribed as best as we can.We are both human, therefor it is always possible that we missed something but we do our best to turn every helmet “ inside out” as a matter of speaking.
  • We will ship all over the world. Prices for shipping & packing may vary and will be calculated upon your location
  • Helmets listed on Ebay will be temporary unavaileble for sale in our sale section. We encourage bidding on the item, same guarantees will hold ofcourse.
  • Returning a item is always possible within 2 weeks after arival. The price of the HELMET will be returned to you unless the item is damaged or in a different condition as we sended the item in the first place. The shipping costs we made and the costs you made will not be returned.
  • Shipping will only be done traceble and secure.If the buyer demands a cheaper method of shipping that is not a problem, but will be at his own risk.

Trades and buying your helmets

As Collectors we are open to trades. Here are the rules in buying an item or a trade proposal.

  • If an item we sell will turn into a trade we demand a full slide show of your helmet, all the info and history if possible. We only trade unmessed fully original helmets !
  • Before we ship our helmet, we would like to inspect your helmet to make sure its okay. If the helmets turnes out other wise then expected or discribed we will send it back at our cost after discussing this with our customer.
  • When you sell a helmetor helmet parts, please send us a email with what your selling and what you are asking. We are always looking for cool original camo’s, singel decals and double decal helmets.
  • We are not intersted in buying Luftshutz, political or postwar helmets or postwar used german helmets such as norwegian re-issued helmets